Just a few of my favoriteĀ things


Just a few of my favoriteĀ things

90 Day VA

I absolutely loved this internship to learn the ins and outs of what a Virtual Assistant is. Plus the membership group where I landed my first client. The founder is an absolute doll and has created an amazing course that will get you to where you want to be while working remotely.Ā 

When I completed the program I knew others would need to know about this option for working from home as a new mama.Ā As an affiliate I am excited to share the option to join the course any timeĀ with you.

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Groundwork Brigade Mastermind

Groundwork Brigade is my entrepreneur village! It's been a needle mover for me in my business. It's given me a place to make relationships to build my business and learn the basic strategies to make sure the connections are all there.Ā 

As an affiliate, I get to bring the mama looking to build her own business access to this community of fierce entrepreneurs. The best part of this is learning how to have a business that you own and doesn't own you.

Click below for yourĀ reservation for 1 month of access, at no cost to you, to see if it's the right fit for your business adventure.

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Interested, but want a peek at it first? Join us for the Groundwork Brigade Open House! Free, every first Wednesday and Thursday of each month.Ā 

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Just a few of my favorite Mama things

Being a first-time mom during a worldwide pandemic had me a little more than lost. I looked for a lot of things to help me through and found some fantastic things to help me survive. Here are a few products and businesses that I support and would love for you to try!

The Nesting Place

The Nesting Place is a wellness center based in Farmingdale, Long Island founded on the belief that support for mothers is a key component on every family’s path to wellness.

They offer expectant & new mothers and parents an opportunity to build a strong foundation as they walk along their journey of parenthood. With both in-person and virtual services available!

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underwear that absorbs your period.

I did my research about what was provided at the hospital for me after I would deliver my son. I also saw that some moms highly recommended using adult diapers instead of the pads provided. BEST IDEA EVER! I ended up buying these my first week postpartum because let's not lie, I was over the diapers. Definitely my fave investment.

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