Just a few of my favorite tools

Having had started out as a Virtual Assistant I learned about so many new programs out there to help me succeed in my business. Some I fell in love with and others I could really do without. I've listed here my favorites for you to try!


Kajabi seriously has it all! If you are looking for a one-stop shop this is THE ONE! My favorite things: Podcast hosting, Email marketing, and Course & Membership platform. I've used a few other website hosting platforms and this one is by far my favorite. 

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I absolutely love ClickUp! This project management tool is so versatile and customizable. There are many tools out there that can organize your business simply, but once you create your space in here, get ready to have your business and home organized to a T.

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I'm pretty sure everyone on social media knows about Canva already, but if you don't OMG please go check it out! You can do so much with their free version and with the paid the sky is the limit. 

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Google Drive

I love the absolute ease of Google everything. Also that I can access my files from literally anywhere - phone or computer, done deal. 

90 Day VA

I absolutely loved this internship to learn the ins and outs of what a Virtual Assistant is. Plus the membership group where I landed my first client. The founder is an absolute doll and has created an amazing course that will get you to where you want to be while working remotely. 

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Just a few of my favorite Mama things

Being a first-time mom during a worldwide pandemic had me a little more than lost. I looked for a lot of things to help me through and found some fantastic things to help me survive. Here are a few products and businesses that I support and would love for you to try!



I love using these products! I have been looking to introduce healthy nutritional products for myself and my family. Bringing balance to my nutrition, hormones and life has been a challenge since becoming a mama, and Arbonne is helping me do just that.

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I love using these products! I have crazy curly hair and sensitive skin. Monat has brought life back to my hair and treated my skin so well. 

Using the products during my pregnancy and after has helped combat that dreaded postpartum hair loss.

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underwear that absorbs your period.

I did my research about what was provided at the hospital for me after I would deliver my son. I also saw that some moms highly recommended using adult diapers instead of the pads provided. BEST IDEA EVER! I ended up buying these my first week postpartum because let's not lie, I was over the diapers. Definitely my fav investement.

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The Nesting Place

The Nesting Place is a wellness center based in Farmingdale, Long Island founded on the belief that support for mothers is a key component on every family’s path to wellness.

They offer expectant & new mothers and parents an opportunity to build a strong foundation as they walk along their journey of parenthood. With both in-person and virtual services available!

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Mama Made

These birth boxes are designed to help MAMA physically, mentally & emotionally during her postpartum journey.

Postpartum Wellness a journey all mothers take after their birth story. A journey that may last days, weeks, months, or years & that's okay. This box replenishes a first-time MAMA and refreshes a tired MAMA who is still missing the physical, emotional, and mental self-care support they need.  Sit back, relax & treat yourself

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