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Jill Olish was born and raised in New York, is happily married, and mama to the sweetest little boy. She is a licensed funeral director turned Jill-of-all-trades. Jill left her 9-5 after her maternity leave was over to be a work-from-home mom.



Because of my experience in becoming a mom, I feel empowered to be an advocate to all moms. I went into this role knowing more about Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders than what to expect in my pregnancy and motherhood. As a volunteer for the Postpartum Resource Center of New York, I was fully aware of what could happen after I gave birth and I prepared myself for it. Even though I had a textbook, smooth pregnancy, I did not enjoy being pregnant at all. Then when I had Declan, my entire labor and delivery went not according to plan, and to make it worse I did not feel that I bonded with him right after like I expected to. I have never experienced more disappointment in my life. I had excellent support and will forever be grateful for it and this experience has empowered me to make sure that I can be part of that support to other moms.

In my postpartum journey, I have discovered that I have postpartum anxiety, rage and OCD. The OCD has been the most difficult to work with while transitioning into motherhood, raising a child, and starting my own business from home. But I am making it! And boy do I want to share with other moms the most helpful tips and tricks, organizational tools, and mindfulness practices that are helping me find peace and acceptance in routine.

So I decided to start Mama Outspoken to help mamas find their voices and be heard, advocate for themselves, and spread awareness for motherhood transitions.

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