I want to support you! 

My name is Jill. I know how hard it is to find your village – not just in motherhood but also in business. I learned on my own how to start and run my business, and I want to make it a little easier and less daunting on new mamas. Let’s chat and see how I can help you reach your dreams!

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As a new or seasoned mom, we could all use a little help.

I was in the same boat, but I couldn’t afford the help. I am so blessed to have had the support I did and made my own easy solutions. But if you need more than easy solutions I can help you!

I spent some time as a Virtual Assistant and still love the work I was doing for clients. I’d like to offer you affordable services to help you start up your own business or balancing home and business life.

Available Courses

Sticky Note Time Masterclass

It's time to get clear on what you want in Business and in Life!

Join Kim White and Jill Olish in Sticky Note Time. They will teach you the method and dive deep into the impacts of it personally for them. There's tons more included with this offer, check it out!

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